Proud to present you our new version of Wings.
Thanks to TCRM-Blida for inviting us. ( Nicolas D’Ascenzio, Kristopher , Florian Grosdidier )
Congrats to the AV Exciters big team.
Concept : Jeremie Bellot
AV-Motors: Sebastien Schnabel & Akwariom ( Sylvain Delbart)
Motors Programmation : Caporal Niklass ( RDV ) & Sebastien Schnabel
Led Programmation : Yony Deco , Sebastien Schnabel , Josselin Beaumont , Jeremie Bellot
LIVE : Jeremie Bellot , Sebastien Schnabel , Josselin Fouché, Yon Aliaga , Nicolas Paolozzi and the two trainee VJ Lorraine Bendelé et Eva Delezenne.

Thanks to 1024 support on site, François Wunschel & Pier Schneider and to the Big friends coming for this event, Julien Le Lej , Nicolas Novarina , Vincent Vanel.

Video report Simon Ykwis

Thanks to MadMapper , VDMX , Modul8 , Quartz Composer


Wings V2 from AVExciters on Vimeo.

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