Kinetic Sculpture


Proud to present you our new version of Wings. Thanks to TCRM-Blida for inviting us. ( Nicolas D’Ascenzio, Kristopher , Florian Grosdidier ) Congrats to the AV Exciters big team. Concept : Jeremie Bellot AV-Motors: Sebastien Schnabel & Akwariom ( Sylvain Delbart) Motors Programmation : Caporal Niklass ( RDV ) […]

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Selest’Art / Storm- Free Lines

Light Installation for Selest’art Biennale d’art contemporain. Oeuvres présentées: « Storm »  ,  » Free Lines  » Oeuvres Co-produites par le FRAC Alsace. Sélest'Art 2015 – Freelines & Storm from AVExciters on Vimeo.

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Wings / Kinetic Sculpture / Electron Festival Geneva

Concept and Production : Jérémie Bellot, Josselin Fouché, Sebastien Schnabel Client : Electron Festival Location: ZOO / Usine / Geneva The idea was to create an airborne sculpture of iridescent LEDs that pulses above a crowded concert hall. Above the gyrating crowd at the Pendant Electron Festival in Geneva, the […]

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