Architecture helps us understand context. Inspired by the unique architecture of the Pavlav Pavilion of the Medical Faculty of the Charles University in Pilsen, we are aiming to find an axis between Strasbourg and Pilsen. This route, known as Via Carolina, is the key to the virtual transformation and a reset of the shapes of the medical Faculty. A multifaceted pulsating heart is both the trigger and the driving force behind our journey.

Concept: Jeremie Bellot
Visuals: Jeremie Bellot, Josselin Fouché, Antoine Masson
Lights: Sebastien Schnabel
Sound: NAN[O]

Technical support: EF EL aka François Lembrez
Special guest and dandy Roady: Thierry Danet

Photo and video : Simon Ykwis

Thanks to Blik Blik Festival , Petr Šimon and Jiri Sulzenko.
Thanks to Roman Dušek for his precious tech support.
A pleasure to share time with the Makerspace Crew of Depo 2015 , Ondřej Kašpárek, Matěj Matouš, Jan Honomichl.
See you next year.
Plzeň (Plzen, Czech Republic)

TRANSLATION @ BlikBlik Festival – Plzeň, CZ from AVExciters on Vimeo.

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